What Our Client’s Say About J.P Sicard, Inc.



I would like to express the gratitude that the Town of Warren has to you and your firm for the work that has been done on this project to date.  When the Request for Bids went out just before Thanksgiving we were apprehensive about the likelihood that the project could be completed with the exception of a few warm-weather tasks by the end of the year, but your crew did it quite competently.  Of course the weather cooperated until the last day or so, and we all were grateful for that.

Thanks, and we’ll see you in the Spring –

Dept. of Public Works – Town of Warren, VT
January 2012



We are writing from B.T.E.M.S. Transportation Department to say “Thank-you” for a job well done! The construction of the sidewalks could have been a nightmare for our bus drivers, but your workers were Fabulous! We never felt like we were waiting for long periods of time or that due to negligence our children were in danger. Thank you.

School Bus Department
Barre Town Sidewalks July 2008

Your men working on the Pownal Sewer System are doing and outstanding job. They answer questions are polite and work hard. My ex-husband was in excavating and septic, so I know what some of the work it takes to get done. I know that you have to have a mess first before the job looks good. You and your team are to be complimented. I pray that the weather continues to hold out for you until the job is completed. I understand that being away from your family during the week can be hard on all. Thank you again for the hard work. It’s hard to find a construction company where the people working for management like what they do and say very good things about you. You should feel very proud about that.

Local Resident
Pownal Village Sewer System June 2008

J.P. Sicard, Inc. is currently the general contractor for the Town of Pownal for Pownal Village Sewer System West, Contract No. 2C, valued at $1,264,919.50. This project involves the installation of approximately 6,000 linear feet of gravity sewer, 600 linear feet of sewer force main, one pump station installation, and one grinder pump station installation. At the present time, J.P. Sicard is approximately 60% complete with the project and running well ahead of schedule. The project manager for this job is Jay LaFontaine and the superintendent is Tim Crown. Both of these individuals have been instrumental in this project and serve their position very well. Working as the assistant project manager and resident engineer for this project, I work with both of these individuals on a daily basis. The entire crew for J.P. Sicard exhibits a strong work ethic, attention to detail and provides very high quality work. I would highly recommend J.P. Sicard for any job of this scale involving water, sewer or earth work.

Resident Engineer
Pownal Village Sewer System June 2008

It was a pleasure to work with you on the rehabilitation of the pedestrian bridge and sidewalk construction this spring in Hardwick. You were easy to work with, and you suggested several changes I believe were in the best interest of the Town. You addressed final punch list items promptly, and completed the work on time and within a reasonable budget.
Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.

Resident Engineer
Town of Hardwick
Pedestrian Bridge and Sidewalk- Phase I July 2007

Congratulations on receiving the AGC Best Builder Award for the Wolcott Route 15 emergency slope stabilization project. The pictures in the Build Board made it clear that this was a difficult project, and you deserve acknowledgement for pulling it off!

Professional Services Wolcott STP 030-1(2) March 2009

Wright Construction Co., Inc.

I have had the privilege of working with the team from J.P Sicard at the Southview Housing Project in Springfield, VT. The site work portion of this year long. Multiple phase project is approximately 20% complete as of this date. Their scope of work runs the gamut from careful excavation around existing buildings for concrete footings and block foundations to trenching for utilities, road excavation and road crossings, to campus wide re-grading and establishing new contours to facilitate the new storm drainage system.

Despite the challenges of their proximity to the project location, the team at J.P. Sicard has performed well within the project schedule requirements and has been helpful in the careful coordination of multiple subcontractor activities related to the site work scope.

Their ability to evaluate the on site circumstances and adjust to unforeseen conditions as well as offer experienced problem solving input both on the job site and at the scheduled construction meetings has proven to be a real asset to the project as a whole.

I have no reservations in recommending the Sicard team to any individual or organization in need of professional, first rate site and/or earthmoving services.

I will be happy to personally respond to any requests for updates on Sicard’s performance as this project progresses.

Wright Construction Co., Inc.
February 2, 2006
Mt. Holly, Vermont


State of Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services

In the winter and spring of 2005, J.P. Sicard, Inc. was contracted by the Department of Buildings and General Services to construct a raised steel walkway at the Springfield State Office Building in Springfield, Vermont. The project included site work, concrete, steel and fencing, and was completed in a professional and timely manner. All construction services and communications were prompt and courteous, and J.P. Sicard was very reasonable and attentive to the owners’ specific needs. I would recommend their work and look forward to hiring them again in the future.

State of Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services
February 6, 2006
Montpelier, Vermont

Village of Derby Line

In October of 2005 Mr. Sicard started and completed well within contract limits the first stage of a 2-stage project involving the replacement of water lines on Valentine Ave. in the Village of Derby Line. During this time Mr. Sicard installed a temporary system that would allow the affected residents access to water at all times. At no time were the affected residents without water into their homes.

On one occasion while Mr. Sicard and his crew were working, a water main on another street broke. Without hesitation, Mr. Sicard pulled his crew and immediately went to work with the Village crew to repair the broken main. Because the Village crew had assisted Mr. Sicard’s crew on the Valentine Ave. project, Mr. Sicard did not bill the Village for the work done to dig up and repair the broken line.

The contract with Mr. Sicard stated that the second phase of the project would begin in May of 2006 only if the Village was satisfied with the work in  Phase 1. The Village is happy to report that contact has been made, and Mr. Sicard will begin work on Phase 2 in the spring of 2006.  The Village Trustees are satisfied with Mr. Sicard’s work and will continue to consider his bids on future projects undertaken in the Village. It is so pleasant to have the affected residents on Valentine Ave. talk about their water quality with praise rather than complaints.

Village of Derby Line
February 23, 2006
Derby Line, Vermont

Alburg Springs Fire District #1 Intake Gallery Project Winter 2005

This letter is to let you know that the Prudential Board of the Alburg Springs Fire District #1 appreciated the dedication workmanship. The attention to detail, The concern for abutting property and the safety of all concerned was also noted. The work area was left in a professional manner. Everything worked the first time,the schedule was maintained under extremely Harsh working conditions.

Many thanks for a job well done.

Chairman Prudential Committee Alburg Fire District # I
Alburg, Vermont

Springfield Paving

Please feel free to use this letter as a recommendation for your company.
It has been a pleasure to work with your company during the construction of the Springfield Bike Path.
Your attention to scheduling and details has made the paving of the project much easier to do.  We will be happy to bid on any of your future projects and look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Springfield Paving
August 21, 2000
North Springfield, Vermont

Floyd & Lloyd – Consultants in Organization & Leadership Effectiveness

We are writing this letter to express our thanks and appreciation for the fine work you and your crew have done for us this month and to suggest that you use us as references for other jobs you will seek in the future. Feel free to bring prospective customers to see your work.

The flood damage repairs under the house have it looking better than before. The path graded into the hill and stone steps to the river will make it an easy access now. I’ve named the boulder wall “Promontory Point.” The rip-rap and back filled area will save that part of the river bank.

The skill and care that went into our multiple projects was a pleasure to see. As I said, I have more to do next year and we will look forward to working with you again.

Floyd & Lloyd – Consultants in Organization & Leadership Effectiveness
July 29, 1999

Warren, Vermont

Residential Client

Jason Sicard was contracted by me during the summer of 1995 in Barton, Vermont, for an extensive leveling, grading, and stump removal project on two plus acres of difficult, sloping, stony terrain.

After consulting with several other applicants for this work, I found Jason’s appraisal to be the most fair and reasonable. He outlined the project extensively, answered all my questions precisely and completed the project with care and professionalism well within our established time frame.

It is without hesitation that I recommend Jason Sicard for any and all of your excavating needs. Additionally, you are welcome to inspect the job site upon request.

March 21, 1996
New York, N.Y.

Residential Client

Thank you for all your work on our new field. I am looking forward to the Spring when I can see all your efforts.

Boston, MA.